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UNICCORN was founded in 2018 to foster the exploitation of research results.

Based on over 30 years of experience in business, academia and entrepreneurship we support partners in conducting research and putting results into practice.

Accelerate Positive Clean Energy Districts

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The project is receiving funding through the HORIZON EUROPE program (grant agreement 101096571)

Past projects

2022: Circular economy (un-disclosed customer, DE)
2022: H2020 Smart grid, energy, demand response - review (one) (EU H2020, INT)
2022: Positive clean energy districts (un-disclosed customer, DE)
2021–2022 BIM: Building information modelling, state-of-the-art study (IOSB, DE)
2021: H2020 SCC - review (one) (EU H2020, INT)
2021: HORIZON Strategic consulting (INM, DE)
2020: Referee report Australian National University (ANU, AU)
2020: H2020 SCC - evaluation (EU H2020, INT)
2020: H2020 SCC - review (three) (EU H2020, INT)
2019: H2020 SCC - evaluation (EU H2020, INT)
2019: H2020 SCC - review (one) (EU H2020, INT)
2019: H2020 SCC Lighthouses - audit (one) (EU H2020, INT)
2019: H2020 SC3-RES16 Virtual Power Plants - evaluation (EU H2020, INT)
2018–2020 CAMS_95: Urban air quality forecasts, fusing CAMS forecasts with EEA Airbase (EU COPERNICUS, ECWMF, INT)
2018: H2020 SCC Lighthouses - review (two) (EU H2020, INT)
2017–2018 CLARITY: Climate services for climate-induced hazards (EU H2020, INT)
2017: H2020 SCC Lighthouses - review (one) (EU H2020, INT)
2017: H2020 SCC Lighthouses - evaluation (EU H2020, INT)
2016–2018 AQUISS: Air quality information services (EU H2020, DE, INT)
2016: H2020 SCC Lighthouses - evaluation (EU H2020, INT)
2016: Non-functional requirements for Industry 4.0 service infrastructures (IOSB, DE)
2015: H2020 SCC Lighthouses - evaluation (EU H2020, INT)
2014: Catchment clustering (EIG, DE)
2013–2017 SWITCH-ON: Data platform for hydrological research including open government data was built (EU FP7, INT)
2012–2015 CRISMA: Decision support system for the training of disaster management personnel (EU FP7, INT)
2012 Waterway maintenance planning application (implementation, State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, DE)
2011 WRRL: EU Water Framework Directive reporting platform (implementation, State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, DE)
2010–2013 SUDPLAN: Sustainable Urban Development Planner, climate change decision support system (EU FP7, INT)
2010–2013 TATOO: Tagging Tool based on a Semantic Discovery Framework (EU FP7, INT)
2010–2011 ANAITE: Decision support system for water issues in the oil industry (Mexican Petroleum Institute, MX)
2010 AWRIS: Australian Water Resources Information System (Australian Bureau of Meteorology, AU)
2009 DEWS: Tsunami Distant Early Warning System, concept and feasibility study (industry customer, ES)
2006–2010 SANY: Sensors Anywhere, sensor service architecture (EU FP6, INT, in collaboration with OGC)
2004–2008 ORCHESTRA: Open Architecture and Spatial Data Infrastructure for Risk Management in Europe (EU FP6, INT)
2002–2003 CRC Catchment Modelling Toolkit (Australian government, AU)
2002–2005 I-MARQ: Information System for Marine Aquatic Resource Quality (EU FP5, INT)
2002–2005 GIMMI: Geographical Information and Mathematical Model Interoperability (EU FP5)
2000-2018 VERDIS: Wastewater taxes on sealed surface (application for WunDa)
2000-2018 LAGIS: Urban asset management (application for WunDa)
2000-2018 BELIS: Electricity inventory (application for WunDa)
2000-2018 ALB: Property registry (application for WunDa)
2000–2002 ISDS: Integrated Spatial Decision Support (German Ministry of Research and Technology, DE)
1999–2017 WuNDa: Wuppertal Navigation and Data Management System (City of Wuppertal, DE)
1996–1997 AGWEB: Information network for Environment Canada (Canadian Ministry of Agriculture)
1996 WEEDAssist: Intelligent assistant for pesticides (Canadian Ministry of Agriculture, CA)
1996 Government information system design (Environmental Ministry of the state Tasmania, AU)
1996–1999 TEMSIS: Transnational Environmental Management Support Information System (EU FP4, INT)
1995–1996 Water quality information system „Winterbacher Wurzelbach“ (City of Marpingen, DE)
1995 HESSEN: Water protection zones and hazardous sites (Environmental Protection Agency Hessen, DE)
1994–1995 MEO: Information system for research network ecosystems Munich (GSF Research, Ministry of Agriculture, DE)
1994 Information System Research Network Ecosystems Munich (GSF Research, Ministry of Agriculture, DE)
1994 Innovative Visualization of Air Pollution Monitoring Data (Austrian Institute of Technology, AT)
1994 Information System Integrated Monitoring (UN program ECE-IMP, Austrian Federal Environmental Agency, AT)
1993 Environmental data catalogue for Austria (Joanneum Research, AT)
1992–1994 Austrian Ozone Network (Austrian Federal Environmental Agency, AT)
1992–1993 Environmental data catalogue for the federal state Hessen (Environmental Protection Agency Hessen, DE)
1992 Distributed air pollution network in Austria (Austrian Federal Environmental Agency, AT)
1992–1995 Architecture of Open Environmental Information Systems (German Research Foundation, DE)
1992 Porting a GIS to Unix (industrial customer, DE)
1991 Urban information network (City of Linz, AT)
1991 Visualization of monitoring data for Carinthia, Austrian Institute of Technology (AT), state of Carinthia (AT)
1989–1991 XAVIA: AI-supported adaptive visualization of technical plants (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE)
1986–1989 TAMARA: Automation system for a trash to steam plant (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE)


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